Jesus4three is an online Christian Apparel company. The mission of the company is to bring youth to Christ through Sports and the Power of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Years ago, during one of the most challenging times fighting Bipolar depression, Jesus came to me with the idea for the company. For years I continued to fight with my disorder, but during that time I was also praying for and dreaming about what this company could become. Little by little my disorders grip on me lightened.  During that time Jesus continued to grow my passion and love for the idea. Eventually, it got to the point where I knew this company was going to be part of God’s perfect plan for my life. Along with sharing the good news, I also want to help support people who are struggling with mental illness. With Jesus on your side, you are never alone!

I believe Jesus can change everything for anyone and with him in your heart, no mountain is too high or valley too deep.